I absolutely love that when a fandom sees a white man do something, it’s funny and it’s witty and it’s fine, but the second a woman of color does that same thing, it’s Holy Shit What a B*tch time. And by love I mean hate with the fire of ten thousand suns.

Sherlock, in the BBC series, insults and belittles Sally. Every time we see them interact. He acts as though she is incompetent at her job and publicly demonizes her for her sex life, which is hers alone and none of his damn business. But apparently, that’s just fine. 

But when Sally, who has worked hard to get where she is and Sherlock strikes that skill down like it’s nothing, isn’t allowed to retaliate? Yes, what she calls him is cruel, but really? Nothing compared to what Sherlock has been doing to her. We see in The Sign of Three that she’s capable, that she is competent, that she knows what the fuck she’s doing. And Sherlock acts like she isn’t. All the damn time.

Sherlock’s cruel to Sally right back and I frankly don’t give a damn who started it, I give a damn who the fandom demonizes for it.


Another example is in Elementary:



The reason Joan did this was because Sherlock had JUST DONE IT.

It a childish fit, Sherlock has broken some of their shared property, and Joan knows that sort of hissy fit throwing won’t solve a damn thing.

Joan has been a sober companion for some time now, and understands how people work. She understands how to make people understand that destructive behaviors are fruitless and that they aren’t productive, and that is EXACTLY what she’s just done.

She’s shown Sherlock that, though it might make a good stress relief to smash shit, it won’t solve anything. It will never solve anything. So she does it and proves that it’s pointless to do so.

And yet I saw so many peoplewatch this scene and say “This is when I just really started disliking Joan.”

The woman of color does something the white guy LITERALLY just fucking did. And somehow she’s the one in the wrong.

Fandom members can swear up and down they’re not racist or sexist or misogynist, but if you condemn the woman of color for the same action you condone when the white man does it?

Chances are you’re a racist misogynist and need to step the fuck off.

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I absolutely love that when a fandom sees a white man do something, it’s funny and it’s witty and it’s fine, but the second a woman of color does that same thing, it’s Holy Shit What a B*tch time. And by love I mean hate with the fire of ten thousand suns.

Sherlock, in the BBC…

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"With the right music, you either forget everything or you remember everything."

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"She’s not just someone’s wife, daughter, or mother. She’s someone."

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Interesting how we’re always hearing how shameful and irresponsible it is to be a teen mom.

But we never hear the same messages directed at teen dads.

Or even the words “teen dad”.

It’s almost like society demonizes women’s sexuality and sexual choices while absolving men of all sexual responsibility and judgement.


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lady gaga: i hate feminist
white feminist: wow such a feminist Icon!
Joan River: i hate feminist
white feminist: wow RIP joan. such a feminist Icon
Beyonce: Im a feminist
white feminist: whore. why did you name your concert after you HUSBAND hhhmmmm? leak your address
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Anonymous inquired:

taylor swift cant keep writing about her dumb teenage drama anymore honestly shes getting a little to old for that and m=none of her songs have real depth


"dumb teenage drama"

  • "hold on baby you’re losing it…/…you cry but you don’t tell anyone" two lines from Tied Together with a Smile, a song about Taylor’s friend with an eating disorder
  • "daddy’s smart and you’re the prettiest lady in the whole wide world" a line from The Best Day, about her mother
  • "people are people and sometimes it doesnt work out" a line from Breathe about losing someone important to you and being at fault for it
  • "so if the chain is on your door, i understand" a lyric from Taylor’s song Back To December in which she writes about breaking someone;s heart
  • "no one knows what to say about a beautiful boy who died" from Taylor’s song Ronan about a real life little boy who died of cancer
  • "who you are is not what you did" from Innocent a song written in forgiveness of Kanye West after the incident at the VMAs 
  • "long live the walls we crashed through/ i had the time of my life with you" from Taylor’s Long Live off her Speak Now album, written about her fans
  • "oh darling dont you ever grow up/ it could stay this simple" lyrics from Never Grow Up a song about enjoying where you are in each part of your life
  • "you have pointed out my flaws again/as if i dont already see them" a lyric from Mean about a critic who wrote a rude obnoxious and hateful review of her
  • "and they tell you that youre lucky/but youre so confused/cause you dont feel pretty/you just feel used" lyrics of The Lucky One 
    a song written about hollywood and the price of fame
  • "dont look at me you got a girl at home" Girl At Home is a song that is in defense of women who are in relationships in which the other person is not faithful
  • "i guess youre in new york today/ i dont want to miss you this way" from Come Back…Be Here a song about a long-distance relationship

and as for depth just appreciate all the depth in the following:

  • "and you come away with a great little story/of a mess of a dreamer/with the nerve to adore you" -cold as you
  • "but in life you’ll do things greater than dating the boy on the football team" -fifteen
  • "my mistake i didn’t know to be in love/you had to fight to have the upper hand" -white horse
  • "why do you have to make me feel small/so you can feel whole inside" -tell me why
  • "and you got your share of secrets/and i’m tired of being last to know" -you’re not sorry
  • "he can’t see the smile i’m faking/and my hearts not breaking/cause i’m not feeling anything at all" -the way i loved you
  • "it rains when you’re here/and it rains when you’re gone" -forever & always
  • "you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter" -mine
  • "but if we loved again/i swear i’d love you right" -back to december
  • "but i took your matches before fire could catch me/so don’t look now/i’m shining like fireworks over your sad empty town" -dear john
  • "i was losing my mind when i saw you here/ but you held your pride like you should of held me" -the story of us
  • "please don’t be in love with someone else/please don;t have somebody waiting on you" -enchanted
  • "but no amount of vintage dresses gives you dignity" -better than revenge
  • "i hope you remember/today is never too late to be brand new" -innocent
  • "all that i know is i don’t know/how to be something you’ll miss" -last kiss
  • "if you have children someday/when they point to the pictures/please tell them my name" -long live
  • "six months gone and i’m still reaching/even though i know you’re not there" -if this was a movie
  • "this is the golden age of something good and right and real" -state of grace
  • "all we are is skin and bone/trained to get along/forever going with the flow/but you’re friction" -treacherous
  • "you almost ran the red/cause you were looking over at me" -all too well
  • "i’d like to be my old self again/but i’m still trying to find it" -all too well
  • "i hope sometimes you wonder about me" -i almost do
  • "you wear your best apology/but i was there to watch you leave" -the last time
  • "and i guess we fell apart in the usual way/and the storys got dust on every page/and sometimes i wonder how you think about it now/and how i see your face in every crowd" -holy ground
  • "and time is taking its sweet time erasing you/and you’ve got your demons and darling/they all look like me" -sad beautiful tragic
  • "your eyes look like coming home" -everything has changed
  • "and it was like slow motion/standing there in my party dress/in red lipstick/with no one to impress" -the moment i know
  • "this is falling in love in the cruelest way/this is falling for you when you are worlds away" -come back…be here 
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The relevance of this post is so high. 

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 ☆ Buffy Fun Facts ☆

Xander and Anya do not share any lines with each other or even acknowledge one another during the memory loss portion of “Tabula Rasa,” which hints at their inability to connect and foreshadows their doomed engagement.



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